Signs That It’s Time for Kitchen Remodeling in Blaine

kitchen remodelingHas your home’s kitchen seen better days? It may be time to schedule kitchen remodeling services in Blaine, Washington. For some, it can be difficult to know when an update like this is necessary. While a professional contractor can make recommendations, it’s ultimately your decision. The following are some common signs to look for when determining if it’s time for kitchen remodeling.

Decline in Aesthetics

Many homeowners decide to begin a kitchen remodeling project in response to declining aesthetics. When your space starts to show its age, it’s probably time for, at minimum, a minor update.

Poor Functionality

Ultimately, the most important factor to consider is functionality. Does your space work for you the way it should? If the answer is negative, then it’s probably time to reach out to a remodeling company. It’s time to stop “making do” with a subpar kitchen. Continue Reading →

Is it Time for Bathroom Remodeling in Bellingham?

bathroom remodelingAre you trying to decide whether it’s time to schedule bathroom remodeling services for your home in Bellingham, Washington? As with every home renovation, there are several factors that you should consider as you make this decision. Considering the following indicators will help you determine the best course of action for your property.

Declining Aesthetics

One of the move obvious signs it’s time to call a contractor is a decline in overall aesthetics. Over time, paint fades and may begin to flake off the walls. You may have also noticed discoloration in your bathtub and sink, cracks in the tile, or even mold. If these things are becoming distractions, it’s probably time for you to contact a professional about bathroom remodeling.

Mismatched Design Features

Have you recently updated other rooms in your home? If so, unrenovated spaces probably no longer match the appearance of the new ones. When this happens, it’s a good idea to begin considering updating the nearby bathrooms. You can incorporate similar design features and materials so that the appearance is more consistent throughout your home. Continue Reading →

Factors to Consider when Replacing Cabinet Hardware During Bathroom Remodeling in Anacortes

cabinet hardware, bathroom remodeling, knobs and pullsAre you looking for new cabinet hardware for your bathroom remodeling project in Anacortes, Washington? Picking the right knobs and pulls may seem like a small aspect of a home renovation, but this actually deserves careful consideration. Keep the following factors in mind as you consider the options.

Personal Preferences

Above all else, your personal design preferences should impact your selections. Regardless of recommendations provided by family, friends and professionals, your opinion is most important. Whether you like funky, fresh or traditional knobs and pulls, your bathroom remodeling contractor will be able to provide a wide variety of options to choose from.


You should also keep your cabinet designs in mind when picking cabinet hardware. Take time to determine whether you want your selections to contrast or complement your cabinets. Ensuring that your new knobs and pulls don’t distract from your cabinet’s natural beauty is important. Continue Reading →

Ask a Potential Sedro-Woolley Kitchen Remodeling Contractor These Questions

kitchen remodelingAre you looking for a new Sedro-Woolley kitchen remodeling contractor? It’s important to find a professional you can trust. Knowing who to hire for your home renovation can be difficult, however. Always ask the following questions before making a final hiring decision.

How much experience do you have?

The more experience a Sedro-Woolley kitchen remodeling contractor has, the better. Those who have been in the field for many years have the knowledge and skills to get the project done right the first time. Some contractors may charge less for the same services, but there’s no guarantee you’ll receive quality results.

When will the work be completed?

Your Sedro-Woolley kitchen remodeling contractor will probably provide a cost estimate up front. While this is helpful, more information is needed to properly plan for your project. Always ask how long it will take for the work to be completed. Get this in writing along with the cost estimate. Continue Reading →

Mt. Vernon Bathroom Remodeling: Cabinet Updates and Trends

cabinet update, bathroom remodelingAre you planning to update or replace your cabinets during a Mt. Vernon bathroom remodeling project? Making design decisions for your home renovation can seem like a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time. With so many possibilities available, it’s hard to know where to start. Don’t let all the options overwhelm you! While your contractor can provide professional guidance, keep the following tips in mind as you make cabinet update plans for your Mt. Vernon bathroom remodeling project.

Add a Dash of Color

Adding color to new cabinets is becoming more and more common among homeowners. Your Mt. Vernon bathroom remodeling contractor can make your cabinets pop. Family and guests alike will love this exciting decorative statement.

Strive for a Functional Design

One of the primary purposes of any Mt. Vernon bathroom remodeling project is to improve function. While stylish designs are important, remember to address your unique, daily needs as well. Update your cabinets by adding extra drawers and shelves for storage or add a double vanity. Continue Reading →

How to Find Lynden Kitchen Remodeling Services to Fit Your Budget

kitchen remodelingAre you making plans for a kitchen remodeling project in Lynden, Washington? While every household is different, it’s wise to establish some kind of budget for your home renovation. Whether the project is large or small, it’s important to find a contracting company that can complete the work you need for a rate that fits your means. Knowing how to find a professional who offers services that fit your budget can be difficult, however. This is especially difficult for homeowners who have never planned a remodel before. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that you pay a price you can afford for kitchen remodeling project in Lynden. Keep the following tips in mind.

Research Average Cost of Remodeling

The cost of remodeling services varies per region. To gain a better understanding of what to expect, research the average cost of kitchen remodeling in Lynden online.

Get a Second Opinion

Most Lynwood kitchen remodeling companies will offer you a free consultation. Take the time to schedule at least two or three of these meetings. This gives you several opinions and price points to compare. Continue Reading →

How to Find a Reliable Home Remodeling Company in Ferndale

finding a reliable home remodeling contractorAre you looking for a reliable home remodeling company in Ferndale, Washington? Whether you’re planning a bathroom remodeling or kitchen remodeling project, it’s important to know that the contractor you’ve hired is honest and dependable. It can be difficult to determine this, however, especially for first-time homeowners. Don’t let the prospect overwhelm you! There are actually several ways to tell whether or not a contractor provides quality results and service. Look for the following indicators of a reliable home remodeling company in Ferndale.

Positive Customer Feedback

When looking for a reliable home remodeling company, you should always start by reading through reviews and testimonials from previous customers. Consistently positive feedback means the contractor has a good track record. Avoid companies with negative reviews.

Free Consultations

The best home remodeling companies offer a free consultation. They understand that every home renovation is different and take the specifics into consideration when estimating expenses. Once you’ve spoken with a contractor about your project, you should receive a written breakdown of your potential financial responsibility. Continue Reading →

Pros and Cons of Stone Flooring for Kitchen Remodeling in Everson

stone flooring, kitchen remodelingIs it time for a kitchen remodeling project for your home in Everson, Washington? As with any home renovation, you want to pick the right flooring material. Your selection should suit your personal preferences and budget. Some popular options include ceramic tile, vinyl, laminate, and hardwood. Your contractor may also mention stone, which can make an absolutely stunning addition to your Everson kitchen remodeling project. Stone flooring isn’t for everyone, however. Keep the following pros and cons of stone flooring in mind as you weigh design options.


Stone flooring is ideal for both kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling because it possesses stunning aesthetic appeal. Beyond the physical appearance, stone is also extremely durable and will never go out of style. Having these floors professionally installed will also raise the value of your home. Continue Reading →

Is Cork Flooring Right for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project in Burlington?

cork flooring, kitchen remodelingAre you planning a kitchen remodeling project for your home in Burlington, Washington? As with any home renovation, it’s important to pick a flooring material that suits your personal preferences. While not as popular as ceramic tile, vinyl, laminate, and hardwood, cork flooring might be the solution you’ve been looking for. While your professional contractor can provide more information, as well as samples, it’s smart to do some research on cork flooring ahead of time. Keep the following pros and cons in mind as you consider flooring options for your kitchen remodeling project in Burlington.


Do you value sustainability in your household? If so, cork flooring could be the perfect selection for your upcoming kitchen remodeling project in Burlington. Cork is a great eco-friendly flooring option. Other significant features include natural resistance to both stains and mildew.


There are, however, some drawbacks homeowners should be aware of before selecting cork flooring for their kitchen remodeling project in Burlington. While cork is water resistant, it must be sealed properly. Additionally, water can penetrate the seal over time and cause damage. This also makes it less ideal for bathroom remodeling. Continue Reading →

Pros and Cons of Choosing Engineered Hardwood for Bathroom Remodeling in Blaine

engineered hardwood, hardwood flooringAre you planning a bathroom remodeling project for your home in Blaine, Washington? As with any home renovation, it’s important to select materials that suit personal style and maintenance preferences. With so many options to choose from, knowing where to start can be tricky. One material you don’t want to overlook is engineered hardwood flooring. There are, of course, pros and cons to consider. Keep the following information in mind as you finalize plans with your bathroom remodeling contractor in Blaine.


There are many positive reasons to choose engineered hardwood for both bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling projects in Blaine. This material is visually attractive and easy to install. It’s also significantly more resistant to liquids than traditional hardwood. This makes it the ideal selection if you want a hardwood aesthetic in your bathroom or kitchen. Continue Reading →