5 Hot Kitchen Colors for 2021 in Sedro-Woolley

dreammakerContemplating a simple way to visually brighten up your kitchen in 2021? As one of the most utilized rooms in the house, it’s worth investing in additional money and time to ensure the room is to your exact liking. The kitchen backdrop can set the tone for the living room and other adjacent rooms, so you’ll want to choose the ideal color combinations. With so many kitchen colors, selecting the right one is no walk in the park. Here are five trending colors to consider.

White and Black

Elegant with wide appeal, this color duo has long been a favorite among homeowners. It’s quite modern and fits nicely with stainless steel appliances and hardware.

Grey and Brown

Do you like the warm and cozy feel without being over the top? Grey and brown is a neutral style that’s stunning yet isn’t so bold that it provides excessive contrast. Continue Reading →

Freestanding Vs Built-in Tub: Which Is Best in Kenosha?

dreammaker-3-2016The tub encompasses a large section of the bathroom. It’s no surprise then that it’s usually a significant focal point. As such, you want to carefully select a tub when remodeling your bathroom. This leads to the question of freestanding vs built-in tub. Learn the pros and cons of each style before making a final decision.

Freestanding vs Built-In Tub Cost

Traditionally, freestanding tubs cost more due to being considered a vintage and high-ticket fixture. However, there are more affordable options nowadays. Be mindful, however, that the surroundings for a built-in tub can contribute to the overall cost. This is a non-issue for a freestanding model.

Spatial Efficiency

A freestanding tub can be placed wherever you wish, even smack in the middle of the bathroom. Even after the plumbing is installed, the tub can still be slightly repositioned. A built-in tub is permanently fixed. This means no leeway for repositioning post-installation. Continue Reading →

4 Tips for Choosing Bathroom Colors in Mt Vernon

dreammaker-3-16When it comes to bathroom renovations, there are tons of variables to contemplate. The most noticed element is probably the color scheme. This can make or break a bathroom design, so you want to make sure you do it right. With so many choices and hue combinations, however, it can be tricky knowing where to begin. Here are four tips to help you make an informed decision when choosing the best bathroom colors.

Focus on Three Bathroom Colors

It’s best to stick to just three main colors for your bathroom design. Look at some swatches with differing tones and pigments. Narrow your selection down to one neutral color (white or gray), one rich color, and one accent color. Continue Reading →

3 Tips for Choosing Cabinet Hardware in Lynden

dreammakerUpdating your kitchen can be an exciting experience, but there’s a lot to take into consideration. Just like picking accessories to match your favorite outfit, you have to spruce up your redesigned space with the ideal cabinet hardware. Your cabinet knobs and pulls are the permanent jewelry of your kitchen, so you want to make sure they complement the cabinet doors. With so many hardware styles, though, it can be tricky making a decision. Here are three useful tips for simplifying the decision process.

Funky, Fresh, or Formula?

The initial step is determining your kitchen’s character. Are the cabinets and appliances you have chosen sleek and sophisticated, quite standard, or a bit more exotic? Do you want your cabinet knobs and pulls to complement the existing surroundings, or are you looking for some contrast to spice up the room? Determining the overall appearance you’re aiming for will help you narrow your hardware search. Continue Reading →

3 Trending Cabinet Designs for Home Remodeling in Everson

DreamMaker Bath and KitchenIs a kitchen or bathroom upgrade in your future? If so, you’ll want to take special consideration when designing the cabinets for your space. Cabinetry is both functional and visually pleasing, so there’s no shortage of opportunities for showcasing an appearance fitting with your personal taste. There are so many selections, however, that it can be hard to determine exactly what you want. Here are some trending cabinet designs to help you develop your ideal bathroom or kitchen.

1. A Dash of Color

Color is important; it literally impacts our emotions. You likely have a preferred color that you’ve incorporated into your house décor. Why not go a step beyond by selecting a bold hue for your cabinets? This trend makes a decorative statement and brings character to the room.

2. Function Meets Style

While you definitely want your bathroom or kitchen renovation to shine, it’s important that it provides the functionality you need. Incorporating personalized function, such as additional drawers or shelves, is quite in demand right now. This is especially relevant if you plan on remaining in your current home for at least another decade. Continue Reading →

4 Signs It’s Time for a Bathroom Remodel Near Anacortes

dream maker12Are you contemplating whether it’s time for a bathroom remodel? There are several reasons you might want to consider renovating your bathroom. Knowing what signs to look for will help you make an informed decision for your home.

1. Decline in Aesthetics and Functionality

Your bathroom is used more often than any other room in the house, so it’ll clearly need some love every now and then. Over time, you may notice peeling paint, discoloration in your bathtub or shower, fractures in the tile, or mold. These problems can impact both the visual appeal and functionality of your bathroom. If the room is already showing signs of wear, then it’s likely time for a makeover.

2. Doesn’t Match the Rest of the Home Interior

Everyone has personal preferences regarding interior design. Maybe you’re partial to a particular color or really love granite countertops. It’s likely these preferred elements are included throughout your house. How does the bathroom measure up by comparison?

Continue Reading →

How to Select the Best Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Bellingham

bathroomIs a bathroom remodel in your near future? If so, don’t assume that it’ll be a fast and simple project just because the space is small. There’s actually a lot to a bathroom remodel, including painting, flooring, plumbing, and electrical wiring. As the homeowner, you take pride in your house and want it to look its best and function properly. With multiple elements to consider, you’ll definitely want to hire a bathroom remodeling contractor. Here are several tips to consider when hiring a contractor for your bathroom remodeling project.

Do Some Research

The initial step in your search is to gather information. There are countless contractors to select from, but you want to make sure you select the most qualified for your project. Start by doing a basic search online and by asking for referrals from people in your neighborhood. You should be able to accrue a sizable list of potential contractors in this manner. Continue Reading →

Carpet for the Bathroom? Yes, it’s Possible

DreamMaker Bath and KitchenBathroom flooring is almost always tile, though hardwood also works in some cases. Carpet, however, is an absolute no-no, at least according to conventional norms. The excess moisture will turn the carpet fibers into a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Nevertheless, some homeowners deviate from the norm and aim for a certain style for no reason other than it being atypical. Yes, a bathroom carpet is possible but certain measures have to be in place.

How to Make It Work

If you’re in the middle of remodeling your bathroom and dare to try such a bold move, then stick to these guidelines:

  • Go for 100% olefin carpet. This is a synthetic fiber made from polyolefin and is far more resistant to staining and mildew. Avoid organic materials like wool.
  • Twist pile and cotton candlewick carpets are also suitable choices as they’re less prone to moisture absorption.
  • Avoid excess water. Just as you would mop up a puddle of water on your tile, you need to do the same for a carpet. Use a wet-vac to suck up the moisture.
  • Install bathmats. Yes, you’re essentially placing a mat over a carpet. It sounds odd, but the bathmat basically serves as a barrier that catches most of the water when you step out of the tub.

Continue Reading →

Contemporary Bathroom Remodeling Trends

bathroom remodeling trends Bellingham, Blaine, BurlingtonThe sky’s the limit when it comes to bathroom renovation. Consider the latest bathroom remodeling trends determined by a recent bathroom trends study. The study is based on over 7,500 US and Canadian respondents who provided feedback on what they thought was stylish and would be nice for their own bathroom remodeling project.

Bathtub vs. Shower

Most of the respondents indicated they prefer the look of a frameless glass shower to a bathtub.  Over 40% of respondents from the report said they would forgo a traditional bathtub in favor of a tub-less shower stall. 

Add Lots of Light

Aside from lighting, add a skylight or larger window when possible to let in more natural light. Besides the typical lighting sources installed overhead, consider adding LED’s positioned in strategic places, such as directly below the sink counter or even in the showerhead. This element provides various dims and glows to set the perfect mood for a therapeutic bath.

Opt for White, Silver and Shiny Bling

Respondents indicated that a generic white is their color of choice for the bathroom. This includes a white cabinet, though medium and dark maple wood came in at a close 2nd and 3rd. Silver-tone and brushed nickel faucets and showerheads were rated highly. Polished Chrome was also rated favorably. 

Let Us Create Your Dream Bathroom

Ultimately, the bathroom remodeling trends don’t mean anything. What really matters is what looks good to you and your family. With the special offers and financing options at DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen, you’ll be able to afford a beautiful bathroom remodel without breaking the bank. Use your own feelings to go with the designs that “speak” to you. Contact us today.

Bathroom Remodeling Trends for Bellingham Clients

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How to Create a Kitchen/Living Room Combo

DreamMaker Bath & KitchenThe living room is often considered the hub for family activity. The kitchen, however, can also have a similar function where your family spends the bulk of their day while handling daily affairs. More homes, in fact, are blurring the lines between the kitchen and living room, so much so that many homeowners are opting for a kitchen living room combo.

An open concept hybrid room can be achieved through kitchen remodeling work and some simple DIY adjustments. This makes the kitchen more accommodating as a room not unlike that of a living room.

DIY Kitchen Renovations

Make use of the kitchen island – Treat the kitchen island as a living room table. This is the spot where your children can do their homework, eat a midday snack, or browse social media. To really bring elements of the living room into the kitchen, you can even add a television set on the island or place it in an alcove on the counter. The same can also be done for kitchens with a bar section.

Add a sofa or couch – These are considered living room essentials, which is all the more reason for incorporating them if space allows. Add some fluffy pillows for added comfort and aesthetics.

Include a makeshift office – You may set up a permanent workstation for your laptop, printer, fax machine, etc. If you have space, add a small coffee table or half-moon table along with a comfy chair, and you’ll have your own kitchen/office combo.

Contact DreamMaker for a Kitchen Living Room Combo

For more extensive work, such as adding an island, replacing a counter or knocking down the wall that separates your kitchen and living room, you’ll need to hire a contractor. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen provides in-home consultation and other remodeling services. Our financing options ensure a budget-friendly project. We have years of experience creating beautiful kitchen living room combos for Whatcom County residences.

Kitchen Remodeling Services in Bellingham

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