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Kitchen Remodeling BellinghamWhen you love your kitchen, the whole family congregates around like it’s 1950 all over again. But when you loathe your kitchen, you stay away like you’re it’s the boy with cooties from second grade. Many kitchens simply need a facelift while others need an extreme makeover (where’s Ty when you need him?). Often we’re forced to clutter our tables in an attempt to create more counter space, while tiny, misplaced stovetops limit your would-be master chef creativity. Without a doubt, the best way to get your dream kitchen is to have it professionally renovated. While you’re waiting for your dream remodel, try your hand at these DIY quick tips.

Organize your Kitchen with Extra Storage Space

An inadequately designed kitchen leaves one wanting, and you can forget about becoming the next Rachael Ray. There’s simply no space to accommodate larger cooking equipment; mixers, blenders, and the like are buried in the basement or extra closet collecting dust. If you do decide to make the trek to heave one out, you’re risking injury to yourself or the pricey item that’s a must-have to make cookies just like Grandma. Tables with tiers are an inexpensive way to add additional prep space to a poorly designed kitchen while providing a nice space to display the red mixer you registered for five years ago (has it really been that long since you’ve used it?!).

Store Bulk Items in Glass Jars

Add a visual flare to your kitchen while adding space to your pantry by placing bulky items (such as cereal and baking goods) in clear jars on a floating shelf. Spices and coffee can be bought in bulk and added to cute jars saving on packaging while dressing up your kitchen walls.

Find More Creative Storage Space

Think air=space. The empty space above your stove could easily look more sophisticated with a French scroll, iron pot hanger. Adding hooks to the underside of your shelves within your cupboards adds more space to hang the coffee mug collection you started in college while freeing up more shelf space to organize your glasses. While you’re installing hooks, take a look around the kitchen to find places to hang utensils, oven mitts, towels or other items you use regularly.

Consider a Rolling Kitchen Island

Lastly, if your kitchen is too small to host a dance party, but large enough for a small roll-around, consider investing in a rolling island with locking tires. Rolling islands come in many shapes and sizes, and you can choose one with drawers or cabinets to add instant space for further organization. Move it where it’s needed, whether it’s more counter space near the stove to place dishes as you prepare dinner, or the perfect area to knead tomorrow morning’s cinnamon roll dough.

Kitchen Remodeling BellinghamAn Efficient Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen

Kitchen efficiency is key to providing an effortless dinner for you and your family. Enjoy the time spent in your kitchen and use the time you save to work on that paint by numbers project you’ve been dreaming about.

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Don’t give up on the kitchen of your dreams, it may be more affordable than you imagine. While you’re waiting between old kitchen and dream kitchen, give these ideas a try or contact DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen for more kitchen design ideas. Reawaken your love of cooking with a newly designed and efficient streamlined kitchen. For fast, friendly and affordable kitchen remodeling and design, call DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen today!

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